Stratum 2 NTP Time Service
(UDP port 123)

Network Time Protocol

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) as specified by RFCs 1305 and 5905 is a flexible protocol that is designed to deliver accurate time atomic clocks to billions of devices world-wide, from mobile devices right up to servers.

NTP works by hierachial distribution of time through layers/tiers or as they're called "strata" (plural) or "stratum" (singular) where the lower the strata, the closer to the atomic clocks the server is. Stratum 1s use special equipment and receive their time directly from atomic clocks located in facilities like radio stations, cell sites, GPS sattelites, and sometimes direct wired connections in scientific laboratories. From there, stratum 2s receive time from stratum 1s, and the chain continues right up to stratum 16.

Given that low-stratum servers require special connections, equipment, planning and can be responsible for thousands of clients, it is strongly advised to be aware of each operator's policies before use.

About/Using This Server

This time server is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and serves world-wide, but North American clients are preferred. This server operates at stratum 2. It contributes to the NTP Pool Project.

If you would like to use this time service, please locate your device or system's "Internet Time" or "Time Synchronization" feature and input "time.digibase.ca" (no quotes). Do not use the IP address as it may be subject to change at some point in future.

NTP Server usage rules:
This is a public service provided by Digibase Operations, these rules are provided to prevent abuse of this service as to provide fair access to all users:
  1. Do not perform unnessasary manual time syncronization repeatedly.
  2. Do not use broken NTP syncronization tools that would malform requests or request syncronization too often.
  3. Clients must be correctly configured prior to use.
  4. Do not transmit a private IP address when using this time service (ensure NAT routers are correctly configured).
  5. Organizations with more than 10 clients should notify before use, especially if a NAT is in place.
Abusing this service will result in loss of access to this service

If you'd like to contact the administrator of this time service, please e-mail timelord[at]digibase.ca (Anti-spam measure: replace "[at]" with "@").

Server Status

(NTP Pool Status) (Server Status Only)
Local Time ▶Sun, 18 Feb 2018 16:28:06 -0500
Universal Coordinated Time ▶Sun, 18 Feb 2018 21:28:06 +0000
Network Time Protocol (NTP) ▼
NTP Canonical Hostname ▶time.digibase.ca
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
Basic Status ▶
Sync Status:
Operating as Stratum:
Leap Second: NOT ARMED
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
Advanced Parameters ▶
Root Delay
Root Dispursion

System Jitter
Clock Jitter
Clock Wander

Leap Second
Leap File Expiry
Upstreams/Peers ▶
HostTypeStratumLast ReachedPollReach
[*]National Research Council of Canada
[+]University of Regina
Notes ▼Reach/Fault Graphs (RFGs) below each server host travel from right to left.